• Galil Rickson Letters of A Love Letter

  • Galil Rickson Release Heartfelt EP

    Galil Rickson, electric guitar extraordinaire, sits aside his jolting vocals with Letters of A Love Letter. Elite Records is happy to introduce his first EP and first time back in the studio after a 6 year hiatus. Rickson calls this album, "an enlightening and enriching experience". He tones down his hardcore rock and instead, croons about love, acceptance and peace. Letters of a Love Letter includes his hit singles "What more Can I do" and "A fool, I must be". 

    We find Rickson at a point in his life where music is the only medicine. His love for the guitar placed one and one with his love for his wife. Be prepared for a teary yet indulging experience as Rickson pulls you into his life and doesnt let go. Letters Of A Love Letter has already garnered more than 15,000 streams on Spotify and has led the SoundCloud Dub chart for 2 weeks now.

    Are you prepared? We introduce to you Galil Rickson and his 6 hiatus release Letters Of a Love Letter.