• MexicoRann Releases 2nd Mixtape

  • MexicoRann of Mexico City releases 2nd mixtape "MexicoStrapped". MexicoRann returns for a followup Mixtape after the success of his first release, MexicoRann once again brings the hardcore lifestyle of La guapo to an American audience. He purposely creates and set a dark tone on the cold streets of his neighborhood. He has penned this album "La vida de nuevo hombre"...the life of a new man. You will be candidly introduced to his family as well as his struggles to survive and eat while as a child.

    MexicoRann has made a huge wage on both reverbnation and Souncloud. Both his mixtapes combined has garnered more than 100,000 hits and sets apart form his competition in the Rap game. This release has been featured on Spotify playlist under "Mexico Streets" and his song continues to play in rotation on Sirius XM. We are proud to introduce #EliteArtist MexicoRann new Mixtape MexicoStrapped.