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  • Elite Records x City Of Memphis On Fleek

    Elite Records is proud to announce our first stop on the #OnFleekCampaign Tour. Elite Records created the #OnFleekCampaign to install art and work spaces for cities across the US. These workspaces will tailor to the youth of the community and give a positive and inspiring environment to create and share. We are happy to announce our first stop will be The City Of Memphis. Memphis, Tennessee [...]

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    MexicoRann Releases 2nd Mixtape

    MexicoRann of Mexico City releases 2nd mixtape "MexicoStrapped". MexicoRann returns for a followup Mixtape after the success of his first release, MexicoRann once again brings the hardcore lifestyle of La guapo to an American audience. He purposely creates and set a dark tone on the cold streets of his neighborhood. He has penned this album "La vida de nuevo hombre"...the life of a new man. You [...]

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    Márcellino x Child Abuse #ItsNeverOk

    We are proud to showcase #EliteArtist Márcellino on his new foundation "Child Abuse #itsNeverOk". His foundation centers around educating, preventing and intervening child abuse victims and the public in general. This foundation is non-profit and works to build safe zones for children and educating oppurtunities for everyone involved. We are proud to be a partner and support this [...]

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